Here are some questions to explore to see if now is the time for action:

Does your child sneak use of their device/video games and defy limits you set?

If left alone, would your child play online over doing their homework or other responsibilities?

Does your child miss out on socialization opportunities or outside play to engage in screen activity?

Has your child’s schoolwork or home responsibilities (keeping room clean, etc) fallen off due to screen activity?

Breaking the Internet Habit

We’re excited to now offer the Summerland Program for a more balanced use of technology

Our new Summerland Program is for young people who struggle with digital overuse behaviors including treatment for internet addiction, family discord, and related issues. We help with video game overuse, social media overuse, cell phone overuse and related issues such as isolating to watch TV, virtual reality, and so on.

It’s not rocket science that introducing campers to new found hobbies and sports can help them find activities to take place of “screen time.” (Although our rocketry club would argue it IS rocket science!). By focusing on fundamentals, we will help your camper develop interests in a wide range of activities they may want to continue when they return home. Campers also participate in team building challenges designed to create a positive peer culture where campers interact and try out new coping skills in a structured setting.

Transferability of Skills

This is where the magic happens. It’s not enough to just have a “technology pause” or learn new hobbies. We will also help your child develop a working schedule to plan our their week. Using a weekly planner, campers learn how to stay organized and not just let the day get away from them.

Every camper participates in Behavior Change Groups– where a specially trained counselor leads the group through a set curriculum on behavioral change. Campers are led through insight-oriented activities where they count the costs of endless hours of screen time activities and imagine the benefits of investing their time in more productive pursuits. Educational, occupational, and social effects are all considered in our insight groups.

The capstone experience is to develop the intrinsic motivation to return home, armed with expertise in cognitive behavioral psychology- campers employ the same techniques utilized by Olympic athletes to achieve their goals and redefine their lives.

No more are the weekends of endless game playing or screen time activity. Campers learn how to live within a predefined schedule and then transfer this skill back home.

Learning to live in balance

Most parents would agree- if an intervention is not done now, our kids are headed for disaster with the freedoms that college life and/or independent living bring. We teach our campers how to live with the constant distractions of screen-based technologies. It’s unreasonable to just exclude technology from our lives. Therefore young people need to learn how to limit their gaming and social media behaviors to an appropriate amount. We are the first summer camp for troubled teens that focuses on internet gaming and social media misuse.