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A better approach to weight loss for girls

Weight Loss Camp for Girls

Being an overweight girl is physically and emotionally challenging. Even though 30% of girls between the ages of 2 and 19 are considered overweight, it is not uncommon for an individual to feel completely alone. Society today creates a lot of pressure for girls to conform to beauty standards seen in the media. Low self-esteem, negative body image and low confidence can be very challenging topics of conversation. At Camp Pocono Trails, we encourage these conversations. Girls are able to embrace their bodies and realize their beauty, both inside and out.

Weight loss for girls is successful at Camp Pocono Trails because:

  • Our female counselors are excellent role models and provide both support and encouragement.
  • Girls are able to make new friends and build self-esteem as they work toward similar goals.
  • Fitness and exercise in a group setting is always fun and never intimidating. Girls will learn new skills to increase confidence in their fitness and athletic ability.
  • Exciting events and activities happen everyday in the gymnasium, on the lake or on outdoor fields.
  • The food is delicious and meals are satisfying. Who knew healthy food could taste so good!

"I have to say that this has been the best experience ever for my daughter. I am so happy that you have all taken care of my girl since the moment she arrived. Every time we talk, she mentions how good everyone is. Her cabin counselors have been wonderful and she has had a blast!!! I’m very proud of her efforts and her achievements. She is so motivated to continue with her journey of being healthier that I can’t even recognize the way she speaks.”
– Lisandra B., Krystal’s mom

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