Fun and Friendship

Lose weight together while having lots and lots of fun!

Nothing builds self-esteem like accomplishment.

Nothing builds confidence like learning new skills.

Nothing builds friendship like sharing a common goal.

101 Ways to Have Fun!

See all the ways you’ll have fun while getting in the best physical and mental shape of your life.

Build lasting friendships and memories with people who are so much like you.

Camp friendships are one of a kind, and at Camp Pocono Trails it’s easy to form friendships with people who are just like you. At fitness camp, friendships naturally form while campers are aiming for the same goals. Together you will learn about healthy eating, learn new skills, have fun with daily activities and build everlasting memories. View a typical day or see 101 ways to have fun!

There are endless ways to have fun while you achieve more than you thought possible.

At summer camp, you and your new friends can play on teams together, face challenges of obstacle courses, overcome fears and help build one another’s confidence on a daily basis. With so many activities to choose from and 5 activity periods per day (one of which you can select your favorite activity for), there is an endless amount of fun to be had at Camp Pocono Trails!