The road to fitness doesn’t have to be boring or routine.

Our campers enjoy…

Water Sports:   Water skiing, water aerobics, water basketball, water polo, jet skiing, knee boarding, kayaking, row boating, pedal boating, canoeing, swimming, banana boating and monster tubing

Athletics:   Basketball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, floor hockey, tennis, volleyball, kickball, soccer, softball, gaga, golf driving range, adventure and Odyssey course

Calisthenics and Fitness:   Aerobics, step classes, self-defense, weight training, dance, yoga, kick boxing, interval training, Tae Bo, mixed martial arts (MMA) and zumba

Adventure Trails and Special Outings:   Nature hikes, horseback riding, amusement parks and miniature golf

Regardless of the activities and sports our campers participate in, everyone benefits from trying new things and having fun! Camp Pocono Trails makes the process of weight loss a very positive experience.

Fitness camp for kids, teens and young adults:

We Make Fitness Camp Fun

Experience fitness the fun way! The road to fitness doesn’t have to be boring or routine. At our summer fitness camp, campers can choose from a variety of activities and sports that add diversity to their exercise routine and weight loss plan. There’s something for all levels, personalities and body types. Our excellent fitness program includes exercise and physical activity. There is a difference between the two but learning how to enjoy both is a key part of being successful at home.

Many Types of Exercise to Try

Every camper will have the opportunity to try new types of exercise, improve their fitness skills and gain confidence in order to continue with exercise at home. Going to the gym or joining a class at a fitness studio can be intimidating. Camp Pocono Trails makes exercise fun, exciting and welcoming for all fitness levels. Whether a camper has never exercised before coming to camp or has exercised for many years, everyone is encouraged and supported. Certified group fitness trainers are able to adjust and modify certain movements to different skill levels while teaching in a group setting. Campers are eased into the exercise program and as their skill and fitness level increases over the summer, so too will the difficulty of workouts. Types of exercise offered include Zumba (follow along dance-based cardio), kick boxing, boot camps (using body weight to build strength), high intensity interval training, mixed martial arts (MMA), running, and supervised strength training in the weight room.

Awesome Sports

Playing sports at Camp Pocono Trails is all about participation. All campers are encouraged to join in the fun in a stress-free, low-pressure environment. Winning is not the focus. No matter the skill level, our top-of-the-line sports instructors work with kids through encouragement and positive reinforcement, during which building self-esteem is key. Individualized attention is ensured with a counselor-to-camper ratio that never exceeds 1-4.

Tons of Physical Activities

At Camp Pocono Trails, we are always adding to our sports and activities schedules to incorporate exciting sports that have the highest impact on your child’s weight loss. Each day there are five scheduled activity periods. These activities range from traditional sports like basketball and soccer to new trends like Zumba and mixed martial arts (MMA). Regardless of the schedule for the day, every camper will have the opportunity to be active, try new things and build confidence in their fitness and athletic abilities.