THE SUMMER OF 2020 WAS OUR MOST MEMORABLE - AND MOST REWARDING - OF THE LAST 40 YEARS (read about our camp success during Covid-19)

More than a weight loss camp: Get fit & change habits!

Twenty years ago, we were just a weight loss camp. Now, the world-famous Camp Pocono Trails offers classes on fitness, nutrition, wellness, self-esteem, and managing healthy screen activity. Our qualified staff makes this and more possible at our spectacular private 350 spectacular acre lakefront weight loss camp in Pennsylvania – one of the only weight loss camps accredited by the American Camp Association. Campers benefit from the attention only an owner-operated camp can provide. Enjoy loads of fabulous activities in serene, beautiful settings, all aimed to promote long-term health, wellness, integrity and learning in a fun, mainstream manner.

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World’s best weight loss camp

The world's best weight loss camp is a family-owned business. The Sparber family are on-site directors at Camp Pocono Trails. They dedicate their 35+ years of experience to kids, teens, young adults, male and female, ages 7 to 25 to achieve the best physical and mental shape of their lives! Relax more completely, eat more sensibly, exercise more joyously while learning new skills.

a note from Tony Sparber
Camp Pocono Trails is accredited by the American Camp Association, a commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for children

Camp Pocono Trails

sets the standard for weight loss camps with its beautiful lakefront, multitude of indoor and outdoor activities and the friendliest staff around. 2 swimming pools, basketball courts, full theater, Odyssey obstacle course, trips to Broadway, driving range, lake, gymnasium, rope course & more.

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Summer fat camp success stories at Camp Pocono Trails by Tony Sparber, the best weight loss camp

Transformations & Letters

We don't believe in fad diets, deprivation, or clinical treatments in a school atmosphere. Rather, we teach how to live a healthier lifestyle by making smarter choices, being conscious of portion sizes, and engaging in physical activities while enjoying our beautiful, private camp setting. For over 30 years, the Sparber family has set the gold medal standard for weight loss camps. Our camper transformations are nothing short of amazing.

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Camp Pocono Trails by Tony Sparber is the best summer camp for weight loss, fitness and nutrition

Best fitness camp! Zumba to Boot Camp!

Our certified fitness trainers ease campers into an individualized exercise program. As their skill and fitness level increases, so will the challenge of the workouts. You'll enjoy all sorts of fun activities on our lake, on our Odyssey Course, climbing wall, sports, games, and exercise including Zumba, kick boxing, boot camps, high intensity interval training, mixed martial arts, running, and supervised strength training in our fully equipped weight room.

Summer camp for fitness

Screen time for teenagers and getting over the addiction at summer health and fitness camp in the Poconos

Internet & Gaming Habits

Get your kids unplugged from technology. Over the years we’ve seen how the unbalanced use of electronic devices has negatively impacted the social, mental and physical wellbeing of children. We help campers recognize their overuse of devices, and help them learn new ways to alleviate boredom. Our nationally recognized program motivates campers to experience a healthier alternative to electronics.

Change technology habits at camp

Moms enjoy summer wellness camp at Camp Pocono Trails by Tony Sparber

Moms Fitness Camp

We offer an optional mini-camp opportunity for moms to experience camp first-hand so they can better support their child when they get home from camp. “The place is just beautiful. I fell in love with it, I’m a big kid at heart.” said Mom, Debra Hayun. “The moms sleep on the other side of the lake in beautiful bunk houses. There’s tubing, kayaking, kickboxing, yoga, pilates and they teach us how to cook low calorie foods with lots of flavor.”

Moms Fitness Camp

Young adults get fit and have fun at Camp Pocono Trails in PA; summer fat camp for kids and young adults

Fitness Camp for Young Adults 18-25

For young adults who have aged out of camp but still want to get fit, raise their self esteem, unplug and have a really strong social experience. Everyone is here for the same reason - to holistically get fit, increase confidence and learn healthy habits to bring home. Our young adults enjoy both freedom and structure with the strong support system of our staff and their peers.

Wellness Camp for Young Adults

Camp Pocono Trails is accredited by the American Camp Association, a commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for children

Accreditation Matters

We are one of the only weight loss camps in the country to have earned this distinction. In order to gain ACA accreditation, Camp Pocono Trails has met or exceeded expectations with more than 25 prerequisite health and safety standards, in addition to more than 40 other standards in 10 operational areas that prove our camp is a safe and wonderful place for our campers. Learn more...