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Weight Loss Camp for Teens

Did you know that about 31.8% of young people are overweight or obese? In an environment where computers and TV are the new after school activity, it’s no wonder that being overweight is trending within teenagers. A little more than half of the teenage population does not get enough daily exercise, which can lead to serious health and even emotional problems.

At New Image Camp’s, we think it’s time to change those stats! We know that healthy eating and routine exercise is not easy to instill into the daily lives of a teenager, and studies show that sometimes it is not easily done in the presence of parents. So here we make it fun for everyone, guaranteeing the opportunity for a newly formed healthy lifestyle!

New Image Camps makes weight loss enjoyable for teens with the opportunity to :

  • Socialize with other teens and form everlasting friendships
  • Try new fitness activities like mixed martial arts, cricket, field hockey or kayaking.
  • Learn about healthy living through nutrition and exercise

Teen weight loss camp is a rewarding experience for boys and girls alike, as well as a summer they will never forget! If your teen struggles with weight loss issues, contact us now!

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Campers enjoy weight loss camps for teens!

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