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Weight Loss Camp for Girls

Weight loss for girls can be challenging and fun at our fitness camp.Did you know that about 30% of girls ages 2-19 are considered overweight? This is especially and issue with teenage girls who feel the pressures of society telling them to be thin. And then, there is all the lingo of non-fat, diets and moreā€”but what is really best?

New Image Camps knows that teen weight loss, especially in girls can be difficult to deal with; a constant battle of eating healthy, daily fitness and meeting weight loss goals. So New Image Camps make girls weight loss easy, fun and everlasting. We have created an environment in which:

  • Camp counselors provide needed support and encouragement all while teaching healthy habits.
  • Girls will make new camp friends who are all working toward the same goals.
  • Food is always delicious yet healthy, and healthy eating is taught and instilled.
  • Summer activities do not involve grueling weight training or running around the treadmill, instead team sports, water activities and more make fitness fun!

Could you be at risk? Check this BMI calculator to see.

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