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Eating Healthy is FUN!

At New Image camps, the nutrition program is designed to give campers the ability to lose weight along with the necessary tools to keep it off over the year. The program includes a sensible meal plan, based off the “My Plate” guidelines. We focus on portion control, balancing all food groups, and proper nutritional principles. We also try to make it interesting and intriguing so our campers get excited to eat right learning how to. Here are some ways that eating healthy is fun:

1. Grocery Shopping: When eating right, a good idea is to go to the grocery store. Whether you’re alone, with a friend, or a parent, it’s important to go so you can pick out the products you want and think you’d enjoy. You get to choose from many options and see everything that’s there. Instead of depending on your parents to get the groceries you need, you can take the initiative to do so yourself so you know you’ll eat it later that week. While planning your week, you know what’s stocked in your kitchen and you can look forward to eating the healthy foods you bought.

2. Cooking: Cooking your meals is another way to have fun and ensure making the right choices. Restaurants drown their plates in oils, salts, and other fattening products, regardless of what the dish is. When cooking the meals yourself, you control everything that goes into it. This includes the delicious vegetables, lean protein, oil, and salt. Cooking is fun, easy to take on, and a really important skill to acquire. Why not start now!? You can also refer to the New Image Camp Booklet that we sent you home with for the correct serving sizes, measurements, and guidelines. You can become a master of the kitchen, cooking nutritionally balanced and delicious meals.

3. Getting Creative: Between going grocery shopping and cooking your own meals, you can have a lot of fun getting creative with the healthy meals and snacks that you make. Trying different combinations, creating an amazing substitution for a not-so healthy meal, and making up a new dish are all fun ways that you can get creative. Take risks, try new recipes, or make your own! You can copy or base some of your new recipes off of the ones we have at New Image Camps!

4. Trying New Things: Along with getting creative, making good choices gives you the opportunity to try new foods, like fruits, vegetables, proteins, seasonings, herbs, and sauces. Give a new cuisine or dish a try! People sometimes believe that healthy eating can get boring. Prove them wrong by switching it up and trying knew foods. There is always a new food trending these days, so keeping up with it would also encourage you to try new foods!

Spring Into Shape!

Spring has finally sprung! After this long and horrid winter, it’s about time for spring to bring us warmer weather. No more lazy winter excuses! Spring is a time of rejuvenation so let that inspire you to get back into shape, set new goals for yourself, and even rejuvenate yourself.  Get a kick-start with your summer journey by focusing on balanced nutrition and exercise. Here are some ways you can utilize the opportunities to eat right and workout during the spring:

Check out the farmer’s markets: Many towns have local farmers markets every week that start back up in the springtime. Here, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables to either eat raw or to be inspired to cook with! At farmer’s markets, you can learn a lot about the produce you buy and actually gain some interest in that. It’s also a great activity to do with your family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. There’s always nice people, a variety of venders, and lots of quality produce. Look into when your town’s farmers market is!

Pick a marathon or 5k run and train for it: There are always ample races, whether it is a 5k or marathon, during the spring. Look up the ones close to your home and pick one to train for! Having an event ahead of you could really give you motivation to train hard. Do it with a family member or friend! Don’t get defeated or intimidated though. Regardless of how well you run, you’re still getting exercise as you train for it or even if just participate the day of!

Start grilling: Now that it’s warm out, you and your parent’s can use your grill. Throwing root vegetables and some chicken breasts on the grill can give you a tasty, healthy dinner in the matter of minutes. Get creative with it! Think of new foods you would like to see on the grill such as watermelon steaks! Try new marinades and seasonings too!

Do your workouts outside: If you’re a runner, cycler, or walker, try and bring your exercises outside. It switches things up so you wont get bored! You can also take your circuit workouts or your boot-camp routines to your backyard or even to the park with a friend!

Not a Fat Camp

New Image Camps are just like any other traditional sleep-away camps, and then some. There’s a waterfront, climbing center, song and cheer, camp fires, and color war. Both Camp Pocono Trails in Pennsylvania and Camp Vanguard in Florida provide their campers with the same traditional summer camp experiences as any other camp would along with a program that gives each camper the long-term tools necessary for them to get healthy and stay healthy. We are a fun traditional summer camp where kids get into great shape, raise their self-esteem, and have the time of their lives. We are not a FAT CAMP.

At New Image Camps your child will find the best balance between weight loss, self-esteem, and lots of fun. Here, our campers will find themselves taking calisthenics or aerobics classes, nutrition and cooking classes, playing sports, crafting, making long-term friendships, socializing, gaining confidence, and feeling a sense of belonging. It’s a great mix of everything. We like to provide a fun environment where, as owner and camp director, Tony Sparber, would say, “Everyone’s invited to the party!”

As our campers go through these physical transformations over the summer, they also go through a mental transformation. Aside from the fact that our campers leave the summers in the best physical and mental shape of their lives, they gain a lifelong sense of self-confidence that is invaluable. With the guidance they receive from self-esteem classes that they attend once a week, our campers learn how to build from the inside out. These classes are private classes between the age group and the instructor. Here, our campers are able learn and talk about building self-confidence and self worth.

At the beginning of camp, it’s understandable that a camper may not want to participate on stage at an evening activity. By the end of the summer, or even just 1 week in, it’s unbelievable to see the change in a campers’ confidence to get up on stage in front of the camp and have fun with his friends.

The friendships that are made at New Image Camps are one of a kind. Our campers keep coming back, even when they’re old enough to start being counselors or staff members. Even if a camper is successful, he will keep coming back because of the friendships he has and the memories he’s made over the summers. For many campers and counselors, it’s not even about the weight loss anymore. It’s about the camp, the friendships, and the fun, as it becomes their summer home.

How CPT Changes Lives-A Camper and Counselor Insight

Camp Pocono Trails is more than just a camp for weight loss; it’s a place where everyone feels as though they belong. Even after reaching their personal goals, campers and staff members return every year to reunite with their summer family. The strong support system that CPT members gain at camp helps them maintain their success, ambition for self-improvement, and feelings of accomplishment and sense of belonging throughout the year.

Here are some insights about CPT from our current campers and counselors:

“Before camp I wouldn’t ever want to get out of bed and look at myself in the mirror and now every morning I can’t wait to get out of bed and see how different my life is now than how it was.”- Dan Zargari, Camper

“I love camp because it gives me an environment where I can be myself and everyone accepts and respects it. Also because I get to better myself while having fun and being with my friends!” – Arielle Walder, Camper

“Camp has changed my life forever. I honestly don’t know where I would be without any of my friends that I made. I would probably be like 300 pounds or something. The friends that I have made are more than just my friends. They’re my sisters and my motivation throughout the year!” – Lauren Sakosits, Camper

“Although Camp Pocono Trails was created to offer those an opportunity to change their lives because it wasn’t what they wanted it to be in the first place, those who come here truly are the lucky ones. We get an opportunity to see life through the lens of a blind person. See, Camp Pocono Trails teaches its counselors and campers to see everyone without looking at their exterior, but rather what’s inside.” -Arielle Kaplan, Counselor

“Whenever I think about CPT I don’t think about a fat camp or a weight loss camp. I think about somewhere that I look forward to going to every summer. And I don’t even think of it as a camp I think of it as my second home. Camp has changed the way I feel about myself completely and how I see others. I would be a camper forever if I could because it’s the place where I’m happiest.” –Kenzie Knowels, Camper

“There aren’t enough words to describe how big of an impact camp has had on my life. Camp is the only place on Earth where I genuinely feel like I can 100% be myself without being judged. Even though, yes, 5 summers ago I came to camp with the main purpose of losing weight, I soon realized this place is so much more than that. Camp is a safe haven: a place where it seems virtually impossible to not feel good about yourself. I love camp and I can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be if I never found CPT.”- Shelby Cohen, Camper

“I love myself for who I am, not jean size I wear, and that’s because of CPT. I am a completely healthier and happier version of myself from six years ago, and I wouldn’t be in the place I am now if it wasn’t for CPT.” –Stefie Sabar, Counselor

“I never even think to hesitate whenever I say that I owe everything to Camp Pocono Trails. As someone who has struggled with weight issues his entire life, I constantly feared that I would be fat forever. Camp is a place where I was not only able to lose weight but also be given the opportunity to grow into the person that I am today. I’m the happiest, healthiest, and most confident I’ve ever been in my life, and it is all thanks to Camp Pocono Trails.”-Seth Williams, Counselor

Workout with Your Loved Ones

At Camp Pocono Trails, we like for our campers’ families to get as involved as they can. We believe a great support and motivational system can be very helpful to our campers, especially when they leave after the summer’s over.  We offer a Mom’s Camp session for campers’ mothers to get involved and sign up. Mom’s camp occurs during the same time as our regular summer session occurs. During this time, the moms will enjoy nicely appointed air-conditioned cabins, separate from the campers. Mom’s Camp gives the mothers of our campers a firsthand experience of what life is like at CPT. Our moms learn about child and teen nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification as they go through the same nutritional and fitness program as our campers! What better way to prepare your child to continue their journey at home?!

In order to continue this philosophy after the summer, we suggest to our campers and their families to work together! Whether you want your family or friends-or both-to join you as you endeavor on your weight loss journey, there’s many fun ways to workout with a group of people. Working out in groups can be fun and also helps switch things up so you don’t get bored with your daily routines. Bringing your friends or family along with you on your journey is fun for everyone. It’s another way for you to spend time with them as well as another way for everyone to get exercise.

Here are some ways you can workout with your loved ones:

  1. Hike: Going on hikes are super fun. It’s a great exercise to do with a group of people- you can chat on your way up and work together to get there. There are always amazing views to look at and once the weather gets nice it’ll help change things up from working out at the gym!
  2. Take a class together: Taking a new class that you never tried before can sometimes be intimidating going alone. You never know what to expect, so it’s understandable. Utilize this opportunity to go with your parent, sibling, or best friend, and try out a class that you’ve been too scared to try. Whether it’s a spinning class, boot camp, dance aerobics, or kick boxing, just go for it and bring your loved one(s). If you like it, bring more of your friends and family so they get the chance to enjoy it with you. Group classes are super fun, exciting, accommodating for as many people as you want to bring and always a great workout.
  3. Bike Ride: Biking outside is really fun as it can involve as many people as you want. Take a Sunday ride with your family on a scenic route. Bike with your friends on Saturday as a way to hang out with them. It is a great activity that you can combine with others. Bike with your family to your favorite spot to get a nice refreshing smoothie! Bike with your friends to your favorite park and hang out there for a couple of hours! There’s always somewhere to bike to and someone to bike with!
  4. Group Runs: Running with family and friends is also exciting. It’s great to run with other people because you can utilize each other for motivation. It’s easier to push yourself when you have someone there to encourage you. Bring your family or friends on your favorite running route, or better yet-have one of them show you their favorite!

Spring Break-Don’t Break It!

Here at New Image Camps, we give our campers all of the tools they need to continue a healthy lifestyle. All New Image campers attend fitness classes, nutrition and cooking lessons, and behavior modification classes. They also go home with a New Image booklet that contains a broad foundation of nutrition knowledge, sample menus, and great recipes to use at home.

With spring break coming up, it’s understandable that people will be taking vacations or just spending the week off at home. This is not a time or excuse to pause all of the hard work and dedication you have put in to continue your weight loss journey back at home. Here are suggestions for you to use while you’re on break, whether you’re going away or not, to ensure that you will be maintaining this healthy lifestyle while still having a fun and relaxing break!

Keep your body moving: During a week off from school, it’s definitely tempting to relax and be lazy-whether it’s being lazy by the pool or being lazy on your couch at home. Don’t let yourself get too comfortable with this. Keep your momentum going. If you’re on vacation, wake up just 30 minutes early and get in some exercise before you start your day. Utilize the hotel gym, go running outside if you’re somewhere where the weather is nice, or do some floor workouts in the comfort of the room where you are staying. If you’re spending your break at home, this could be the time for you to discover other fun ways to work out in your neighborhood. Take a really cool class that you haven’t had time to take because it interfered with school!

Resist the urge to splurge: A lot of times, fun family vacations mean cool restaurants with great food. At the same time, being at home all week during break, you could also end up going to cool and fun restaurants to give yourself something to do. Try and find a healthy and tasty dish on the menu. Most restaurants will be accommodating to some modifications to a dish. If you’re tempted to order something on the menu that is high in calories and fat and served in a large portion, why don’t you try splitting it with someone else, eating half and taking home the leftovers, or even ordering a yummy appetizer as your entre! Only go out to get ice cream once and get one scoop with minimal toppings. Share a small dessert with the rest of your family!

Give yourself a compromise: Having one treat a day while on vacation is okay! But, try and compromise with yourself. If you’re going to get a treat that is high in calories, you can walk to get it! If you know you’re going to a good restaurant and want dessert at dinner, then have a healthy lunch and breakfast!

Enjoy yourself: You’re on vacation! Have fun and relax! And be healthy while doing so! It’ll be worth it in the end when you get back to school and get back into your routine of eating healthy and working out daily. A week can easily get you off track and then all the hard work you’ve put in would be pushed back. It’s not worth it! Keep up a healthy body and a healthy mind when you’re on break!


Happy National Nutrition Month!

If you didn’t already know, March is National Nutrition Month! At New Image Camps we promote living a healthy lifestyle for children’s weight loss, which includes well-balanced nutrition.  All 3 of the meals served each day and both snacks given out are based off of the new “My Plate” guidelines focusing on portion control, balancing all food groups, and proper nutritional elements. New Image campers attend nutrition lessons, cooking lessons, and behavior modification classes, providing them with the tools to continue this healthy lifestyle back home. The nutrition sessions cover child and teen nutrition and include lessons like reading nutrition labels, modifying all time favorites to be healthier, and teaching the basic principles of nutrition. 

In the honor National Nutrition Month, here are some fun nutritional facts:

  1. A serving of kale has more absorbable calcium than a small carton of milk.
  2. Avocados are naturally FULL of nutrition, so there’s no need for special labels. They’re full of flavor; think of all of the meals you can healthify with avocado!
  3. Fruits with a lot of vitamin C, like oranges, will help your cuts heal faster. They can also make your teeth nice and strong.
  4. To burn off one plain M&M, you must walk the full length of a football field.
  5. Soda intake leaches calcium out of the bones, which contributes to lower bone mineral density.
  6. Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants that can help reduce blood pressure. A serving size of dark chocolate after dinner is a great dessert to satisfy that after-dinner sweet tooth!

To continue the celebration of National Nutrition Month, here are some tips on how you can maintain good nutrition:

  1. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast gets your body going for the rest of the day.  It’s the most important meal of the day!
  2. Substitute whole grains for white breads and pastas. They have a lot of more nutritional value and keep you full for longer. Plus, they’re just as tasty!
  3. Raw vegetables make a great snack! Increasing the amount of vegetables in your daily intake is always helpful. They have a high vitamin and mineral content and a low calorie count. They’re great for snacking and still provide that “crunchy-munchy” feeling we all crave!
  4. Drink plenty of water. Try and replace a sugary or even diet drink with a glass of water. Though diet drinks have no calories, they still have plenty of chemicals. Drinking water makes you feel fuller and can increase your metabolism. Infusing fresh fruits and vegetables into your water is a great way to make a tasty drink! Plus, you’ll drink some of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables!

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