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Fitness for Kids: Benefits of Instilling Physical Fitness Habits at a Young Age

Fitness for Kids at New Image CampsHumans are active by nature, but lately more and more kids become stagnant by watching too much TV, surfing the web and playing video games—a habit that becomes harder and harder to break with age.

According to the CDC’s State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, it’s recommended that children be active at least 60 minutes or more a day and that adults have at least 150 minutes of moderately intensive exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. The need for exercise, and fitness for kids and adults, never fades.

While that much exercise might not sound like a lot, many young adults never learn how to instill exercise into their routine. Learning at a young age, and by example, can solidify a habit or value for life, and one habit we all need is that of movement and exercise. This is why it’s important for you to be the role model and instill an active lifestyle into your child from the beginning.

“The earlier you start encouraging your child to be active, the better it is to develop good habits that will last a lifetime,” said Tricia Winfield, associate director at Camp Pocono Trails.

“If they don’t, they develop bad habits such as overeating and lethargic attitudes,” adds Samuel Friedman, fitness director at Camp Pocono Trails. “It [also] helps with socialization; if a child is part of an organized activity he or she will be able to meet other active kids.”

Other benefits of physical activity being learned at an early age is building strong bones and muscle; decreasing the risk of childhood onset diabetes, hypertension or stroke; better sleep; and a decrease in depression.

Although instilling fitness values into your child starts at home, it’s helpful to seek outside role models such as sport’s team coaches or camp counselors to reinforce the importance of this value.

At Camp Pocono Trails and Camp Vanguard, children are taught how to participate in various fitness activities and are positively encouraged to continue these at home. They not only learn how to participate but are educated on why movement and exercise is important and should play a role in the rest of their lives.

For information on how to sign your child up for weight loss camp, click here.

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